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Growing up I had many loves, basketball, condors and the undersea world. I also had a love of design and advertising, but as a kid I had no idea it was even a job that a grown up could do.

Later in life, after some parental pressure I/we decided I would study engineering. After attempting to complete the degree between parties and intervarsity basketball tournaments, I decided to follow my heart and switch to graphic design.

It was difficult, I was in class with kids much younger than myself, but that age gap proved beneficial as my teachers would often comment on how thoughtful my concepts were. My execution needed work and I couldn’t draw to save myself, but my teachers would share comforting anecdotes that essentially explaining that good design starts with a good rationale. This maxim has been the basis for all my design work to this day.

And if I dare to say so myself, it has stood me in good stead.

World Bank Geoff World Bank
I recently worked with David in preparing the graphic design and layout of the Federal Government of Somalia’s Economic Recovery Plan (ERP) through support provided by the World Bank. I can provide no higher reference than the final report itself, which not only looks absolutely superb but is laid out in such a way as to communicate its contents clearly to the reader. In addition, I would add that this report was laid out and designed incredibly quickly, in a matter of a few days. Working with only relatively light touch guidance and turning drafts around at incredible speed, David far exceeded our expectations of what was possible in the time available. He responded thoughtfully and intelligently to our comments and feedback and was able to provide the flexibility for significant changes at all stages of the process. David also prepared first class PowerPoint presentations to accompany the work, responding to a clear brief and developing templates that will provide a lasting legacy for the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s future work. I heard about David through very strong direct recommendations from former colleagues concerning work he did for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) and for UNDP South Sudan. If anything, they undersold the quality of the work he is able to provide.
Director, Deloitte Cameron Director, Deloitte
Dave is a true force of nature. He takes the time to truly understand the intent of a design brief, and through his collaborative and innovative approach to design will generate a range of awe-inspiring concepts and ideas before unleashing a final product that will at all times, exceed your expectations. Having worked with Dave for over 5 years across several successful projects, Dave’s impact across Federal Government and Defence have solidified his place one of the industries’ preeminent designers, thank you for all your efforts Dave, I looking forward to the continued success to our partnership.
Director, Inspired EFT Melinda Director, Inspired EFT
David's creative genius has reflected my vision for my project every one of the many times we have worked together. He seems to have innate ability to listen to me and then bring my thoughts into reality. Using his experience, he is also not afraid to tell me if I am heading in the right direction or not, adding value to the entire process. My logo, teaching aids and support materials are often commented upon and are memorable to whichever section of my widespread and varied audience I am working with.

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